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After the loss of a loved one, hiring a lawyer might not be your first priority. The emotional trauma of losing a loved one cannot be understated, but a death in the family also carries other difficulties—such as a financial burden—without the support of the deceased. If you believe someone else is to blame for the loss of your loved one, the time to act is now. You have every right to expect compensation to help ease the burden of this tragedy.

Our team understands the emotions you’re experiencing right now, and we’re here to help carry some of your burden. With a reputation for clear and open communication and a track record of results throughout Arizona, you’ll sleep more soundly at night knowing Blackwell Ruiz is in your corner, working diligently to win justice for your loss.

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We vow to work tirelessly to ensure each case is resolved as fast as possible so you can get the money you deserve.

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The best legal representation you can get! Unbelievable personal touch to resolve any legal issue. Blackwell Ruiz is the best.

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Unbelievable personal service and the best legal representation you can find! Blackwell Ruiz is highly recommended.

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Lawrence & his staff make you feel so welcome. Did an amazing job with my case. Will definitely recommend to family & friends!

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Our lawyers are experienced at winning all types of personal injury cases, including wrongful death cases, dog bites, motorcycle accident cases, traumatic brain injuries, medical malpractice, car accidents, and much more.

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You will always have access to one of our elite attorneys. We will never dump your case onto a paralegal or caseworker.

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We exclusively focus on Wrongful Death cases and nothing else. That means we also exclusively focus on winning Wrongful Death cases.

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We take all of our cases on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing out of pocket until we’ve won your case.

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You’ll never be in the dark. We take client communication seriously and will always keep you updated on your case status.

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Hard work today means money in your pocket tomorrow. We work fast because we know you’re depending on us to secure your future.

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Clients love us because we give 100% to see you and your case succeed. We deliver a personal touch that’s sorely lacking from most law firms.

The Wrongful Death Law Firm Serving Phoenix

Wrongful Death Info

When survivors of someone who has passed away because of the misconduct or negligence of another take civil action, it is called a wrongful death claim. These claims allow the family to seek monetary damages to make up for lost financial and emotional support.

A wrongful death occurs when the recklessness, negligence, or actions of another person resulted in the death of another person. Your attorney must prove that the responsible party had a duty to care for the deceased, and that their actions breached that standard of care.

In addition, your lawyer will attempt to prove that those negligent actions were the direct cause of your loved one’s death, and that damages (emotional and financial) resulted. Some of the most common ways that wrongful deaths occur are:

  • Birth injuries
  • Car and truck accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workplace injuries

Whether you are the spouse, parent or child of the deceased, you may be able to seek damages with a wrongful death claim. The time to start is now. Filing your claim ASAP ensures meeting Arizona’s statute of limitations and giving your case the best chance of success.

Our attorneys understand the pain you’re experiencing right now. Although no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one, it’s natural to want to hold accountable those who caused this tragedy. We’re here to help bring justice to your family.

Blackwell Ruiz Personal Injury Law Firm

Slip & Fall: $150k Recovered

Mr. Ruiz, in my opinion, fought and won an unwinn-able lawsuit with Bank of America for me. He kept digging until he found enough evidence to convince them they could not win. I have nothing but praise for Lawrence and would gladly hire him again if the need ever arose.

— Barbara C.

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More Information

What kind of cases do you handle?

Our firm handles all types of personal injury cases in Arizona, including wrongful deaths, slip and falls, brain injuries, spine injuries, car accident, motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse and negligence, and more.

Which locations do you serve?

Wrongful death cases can happen anywhere, and at any time. The attorneys at Blackwell Ruiz are proud to represent families all across Arizona—Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Flagstaff, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Peoria, Scottsdale, and beyond.

What are the common causes of wrongful deaths?

Wrongful deaths can happen anytime a person’s negligent actions endanger the life of another. Some of the most common causes are work-related accidents, medical malpractice and birth injuries, and motor vehicle accidents.

Do I really need to hire a wrongful death lawyer Phoenix AZ?

If you believe that the death of your loved one was caused by the negligent behavior of another person, you shouldn’t feel guilty about seeking damages for their loss—and the financial and emotional loss that goes with it.

Do I have a case?

Your lawyer must establish that the negligent or reckless behavior of another person directly caused the death of your loved one, as well as other factors related to Arizona state law. Contact Phoenix wrongful death lawyers ASAP for a free case evaluation.

Do I have to pay Phoenix wrongful death attorneys if I don’t win?

Absolutely not. We believe you and your family have enough to worry about already without adding legal bills to your burden. We offer free consultations, and you don’t pay us a cent until we’ve won your case.

How long will my case take with a wrongful death attorney Phoenix AZ?

Personal injury cases will take time. Much of that waiting is out of your hands, but case length is also based on how quickly your attorneys work to build your case. We know your time is valuable, and we promise to get you results as quickly as humanly possible.

Will I have to go to court when I hire a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer?

Most personal injury cases don’t go to court. In our experience, it’s often possible to settle outside of court for a fair payout. However, know that we are always ready to fight for you in court if the other side isn’t willing to negotiate.

Who is eligible for death benefits?

If you are the spouse, child or parent of the deceased, you may be entitled to certain death benefits. Benefits vary based on your relationship to the deceased—such as pain and suffering, loss of companionship, etc.

How long do I have to file a claim when I hire a Phoenix wrongful death attorney?

Arizona’s statute of limitation laws mean you have a limited amount of time to begin filing your wrongful death claim. The sooner you start this process, the better—missing your deadline makes it virtually impossible to receive compensation.

What factors influence the amount of compensation I can receive?

Several additional factors can influence the amount of compensation that surviving family members could receive, such as the deceased’s money earned, savings, degree of financial dependence of surviving family, medical and funeral costs, etc.

I don’t want to profit from my loss.

The law is not designed to help victims and their families profit from a loss—it’s designed to punish negligent behavior and to help ease the burden of losing a loved one. You shouldn’t feel guilty about filing a wrongful death claim.

Do you have a case?

The longer you wait, the lower the chance you have of getting compensation. Contact us NOW for a free case evaluation.