ClickCease RideShare Crash Leaves Coworkers with $1.8 Million Settlement
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RideShare Crash Leaves Coworkers with $1.8 Million Settlement

Blackwell Ruiz takes on RideShare and Wins

RideShare Crash Leaves Coworkers with $1.8 Million Settlement

Nancy and Beth were carpooling to work early one morning when an RideShare driver rear-ended their vehicle on the freeway. The driver was rushing to the airport to drop off a passenger who was about to miss his flight. Both Nancy and Beth sustained major injuries to their necks and backs and both of them required surgery.

After many months of treatment, the insurance adjuster for the RideShare company tried to low-ball his settlement offer to our clients. We pressed on, refusing to accept anything less than the full insurance policy limits.

Normally, RideShare companies will not offer the full policy limits unless there is a long, drawn-out litigation process first (often taking years). However, because of the expert care our clients received, along with multiple, carefully-worded and carefully-timed letters, the insurance adjuster finally caved.

Our clients didn’t have to spend any of their time or energy enduring the litigation process that often discourages other victims in similar situations.

Settlement: $1,800,000


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