ClickCease Woman Cheated By Own Insurance Company Wins $120,000 Judgment
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Woman Cheated By Own Insurance Company Wins $120,000 Judgment

The attorneys at Blackwell Ruiz file lawsuit AFTER original settlement and win.

Woman Cheated By Own Insurance Company Wins $120,000 Judgment

Claire was in a serious car crash caused by an uninsured driver. She chose not to hire a lawyer—but only because her own insurance adjuster promised that Claire would be taken care of.

After spending months receiving medical treatment, Claire’s check arrived—for just $20,000. After accepting the payout, Claire’s symptoms got much worse, and she needed additional medical care. Claire contacted the insurance adjuster for help, and was told that it was too late. Claire had settled already, and that was that.

After contacting Blackwell Ruiz, we filed a lawsuit against the insurance company. We intended to show that Claire had been taken advantage of—and at the end of the day, we secured a judgment against the insurer for $120,000 on top of the original $20,000 Claire had received.

Judgment: $120,000


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